ASPIRE Academy

Advancing Scholars in the Pursuit of Innovation, Real world connections, and Excellence in education.

Glenhope is pleased to house the ASPIRE Academy for the Highly Gifted for grades 1-5. The ASPIRE Academy curriculum aligns with NAGC standards and fulfills the standards outlined by the Texas State Plan for Gifted Education.  The Depth and Complexity Framework is utilized to deepen students' learning in core content areas.  

ASPIRE Academy students learn the importance of goal setting and use data to track accomplishments and help set new goals. Scholars also learn about the characteristics that are typical in highly gifted learners. Over time, they learn how to capitalize on their strengths and to overcome challenges that may come with their unique learning needs.


ASPIRE Academy Team
Top Row: Colleen Patton, Leigh Ballard, Maggie Bell, Charlotte Weinstein, Jennifer Spence, & Christina Hayes
Bottom Row: Jill Mitten, Tiffani Griffard, & Lynette Hollinger

ASPIRE Academy classes and teachers for 2022-2023 are as follows:

1st Grade
Tiffani Griffard (link to Mrs. Griffard's page)

2nd Grade
Maggie Bell (link to Ms. Bell's page)
Colleen Patton (link to Mrs. Patton's page)

3rd Grade
Lynette Hollinger (link to Mrs. Hollinger's page)
Jill Mitten (link to Ms. Mitten's page)

4th Grade
Leigh Ballard (link to Mrs. Ballard's page)
Jennifer Spence (link to Mrs. Spence's page)

5th Grade
Christina Hayes (link to Miss Hayes' page)
Charlotte Weinstein (link to Ms. Weinstein's page)

For additional information, this link will take you to the district Advanced Academics page.

For ASPIRE bus information, please click this link