Supervision of children who arrive early will begin in the cafeteria/gym at 7:15 a.m. Students will be dismissed to their classrooms from the cafeteria/gym at 7:35 a.m. Students who need to arrive before 7:15 a.m. should enroll in our child care program, KidzU.


7:40 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


No balloons, flowers or any similar items will be delivered to your child's classroom during the school day. The Texas Department of Agriculture has issued a policy regarding birthday celebrations at school. Birthday celebrations or recognition that involve food of any kind MAY NOT be held in the cafeteria at all during the time that meals are being served. Your child is welcome to bring an INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED snack or birthday pencil to be passed out to each class member at the end of the day. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

Birthday party invitations may be passed out at school only if every child in the classroom receives one. You may also not pass out invitations to select children in other classrooms. If an incident occurs in which a child is left out, then all of the invitations will be collected and returned to you. Please confirm with your child's teacher how he/she would like for the distribution of invitations to be handled.


Bus service will only be provided for students that reside in apartments located at 2950 Mustang Drive, the Broughton subdivision and those attending the ASPIRE Academy. If you have any questions, the GCISD Transportation Department may be reached at 817-251-5592.
To access the bus information, click here.


If your child is going to be absent, please call the school between 7:15 - 8:15 a.m. to inform the office the reason of your child's absence. Upon return to school, a note MUST be provided to the office.


In the event a doctor or dentist appointment must be scheduled during the day, a parent must come to the school office and sign the student out. Upon return, parent MUST sign the student in and provide a doctor's note.


You may go online at www.myschoolbucks.com to pay with a credit card or send a check to pay for your child's meal. A computerized account will be kept, and your child will be charged meals against his/her account. Students have the option to purchase extras such as milk and dessert. If you do not wish your child to purchase extras, you MUST fill out the form located in the front of the menu calendar. Restrictions can only be made by parents/guardians. School personnel cannot limit food choices in any way. Forms are also available to sign up for the National School Lunch/School Breakfast Program for financial assistance.

Student Breakfast: $1.35   Student Lunch: $2.60
Adult Breakfast: $1.75   Adult Lunch: $3.35


Please refer to the GCISD parent and student Handbook for a detailed description of the GCISD dress code. If ever in doubt, ask your child's teacher or someone in the office before the attire is worn.


All medication should be given outside of school hours if possible. If your child must receive medicine at school, there are specific procedures to follow. Please obtain a Medication Permission Form from the nurse. Some medications require a doctor's signature in addition to the parent's signature. For questions, call Nurse Bullock at 251-5710.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A CHILD BE ALLOWED TO TAKE MEDICATION ON THEIR OWN. ALL MEDICINE IS TO BE KEPT IN THE NURSE'S OFFICE AND ALL MEDICINE IS TO BE GIVEN BY THE SCHOOL NURSE OR SCHOOL PERSONNEL TRAINED BY THE SCHOOL NURSE.


For the safety of our children, all visitors (including volunteers) MUST report to the office before entering the instructional areas. A visitor's name tag must be worn while visiting and/or volunteering in the building. ALL volunteers MUST complete an online background check, which may be found at www.gcisd.net. GLENHOPE CAFETERIA EXPECTATIONS K-2:

  1. Remain seated at all times.
  2. Raise your hand and ask for help.
  3. Use inside voices.
  4. Use good manners.
  5. No sharing of food.
  6. Clean up trash at your table as your class is dismissed.
  7. Don't talk to students at other tables.
  8. No saving of seats for friends.

Students in grades 3-5 will be able to monitor their own requests for leaving the table by using the "Sky Ranch rules" of no more than 2 people away from the table at any time.


Parents are asked to drop off and pick up students from the circle drive in the front of the school for the safety of all students. In the morning, students will be greeted by staff members and safety patrol volunteers. Students should be ready to disembark as soon as their door is open to avoid holding up others in line. In the afternoon, parents need to use the bright yellow sign with the last name of their child prominently displayed in the front windshield. Staff members will call students to the car and help them enter. Please be patient with this process early in the year, and on days when inclement weather affects dismissal as it will take longer for all students to be loaded. On a typical day, dismissal is completed within 12-15 minutes of the dismissal bell.

  • Morning drop-off: Staff will be on hand in the traffic circle to help children exit cars. The lane closest to the school will be for drop off only. This is for your child's safety. Parents and students are NOT to cross traffic, so please do NOT park in the front circle for any reason.
  • You can help the process move along quickly if your students are ready to exit the car when you move to the front of the line. (In other words, say goodbye and gather belongings before the car stops to let students out!)
  • Students should NOT be dropped off before 7:15 since there will be NO adult supervision.
  • If you walk, you MUST use the crosswalk to cross the streets.
  • We are adding an additional drop off point at the top of Glenhope Circle, east side of the street. This drop off point will be manned by volunteers and will only be available if volunteers are able to help.
  • Afternoon pick-up for grades K-5: Place cardstock in your car front window so that school staff can quickly see who you are picking up.
  • Students will be lined up alphabetically. We will call your student as soon as we see you in the traffic line.
  • You will be directed to a colored cone. Please do NOT call your student to your car.
  • Stay in your car!! We will help load your child.
  • Parking will be allowed in the front circle from 8:00 - 2:00. Before or after that time, if you need to get out of your car, you need to park in the lot across from the school or along Glenhope Circle.
  • Don't pull into the handicapped parking spaces to load/unload students, unless you have authorized disabled parking stickers.
  • If you walk to school to pick up your students, please remember that once you pick them up you need to closely supervise them. We will need teachers focusing their attention on students who are waiting to be picked up.
  • If you are parking and meeting your student, they still need to stand in the lines in alphabetical order. As soon as we see you walking up, we will call them to meet you. This system will help us increase supervision so that an adult is watching the students at all times.
  • Please use the sidewalk and crosswalk at all times to get to the parking areas.
  • The side parking attached to the school is reserved for cars with the approved school parking permit.