E2 Glenhope Gator

E2 for all Tier 1 Students


based on a topic the student is interested in that will lead to new in-depth learning, allows students to dig deeper into the content you are covering


extends the learning of the lesson, takes students beyond, "telescoping"


Propel students toward Portrait of a Graduate

  • Self-Regulated Learner
  • Skilled Problem Solver
  • Effective Communicator
  • Collaborative Worker
  • Global Citizen

Ask, does the E2:

  • Correspond to Personal Learning Goals?
  • Include varied learning venues?
  • Enhance excitement toward learning?
  • Promote self-managed learning?
  • Provide opportunities to explore and develop interests and passions?
  • Focus on student needs; be student-centered?
  • Be driven by student choice for the purpose of personal growth?
  • Intentionally address the needs of the learner and not used as a quiet task to occupy the student for that time period.

So that

Learners connect what they love into what they need to be successful through exploring independent strengths, opportunities for academic connections, and skills that are necessary for life, college and career interests.

As measured by

Intention Setting/ Reflection to take place quarterly; a minimum of once per 9 weeks.