All books are circulated for a two-week period and may be renewed as needed.

  • Kindergarten: One book
  • First Grade: Two books
  • Second Grade: Two books
  • Third Grade: Two books
  • Fourth Grade: Two books
  • Fifth Grade: Three books

Any student checking out materials from the school library is responsible for the care of these items. Students are required to pay for lost materials in the amount necessary to purchase an exact replacement or one that is comparable if the item is no longer available.

Refunds for lost materials that are later found will be made if the item is in good condition and is returned within the school year in which it was lost.

Parents: On some of our books, you may see a yellow "5" sticker. These are books bought with 5th graders in mind who are reading at an above-grade reading level, and only 5th graders may check them out. Please be aware these books have more complicated stories and, sometimes, older characters. Be aware of what your child is reading. If you do not want your child reading these books, please let them know you don't want them checking out the 5th grade books.